Product Care

We take pride in the delicate handcrafted nature of all our handbags, so please ensure they are treated with care. Given the handmade craftsmanship, each piece will contain subtle variations and unique characteristics.

Our beaded handbags are handcrafted with premium glass beads that have been hand dyed  these are very delicate pieces; please be sure to handle them carefully. Gently wipe the handbag with a smooth, soft, dry cloth or tissue.
Avoid abrasive surfaces, as this can cause the beads to scratch and diminish the colour.
We recommend avoiding hard impact as this can put stress on the stitching and lead to damages or breakage.
Store the handbag in the protective pouch provided.

Our metal handbags have been carefully handcrafted with natural metals and are designed to tarnish over time.
Avoid exposing to moisture, perfumes, creams and other harsh chemicals.  It is also best to avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures for extended periods of time.
We recommend that you periodically clean your handbag using a dry polishing cloth  or standard metal polish.
Store the handbag in the protective pouch provided